Day 15

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Day 15

Post by Canary » Tue Jun 09, 2020 2:19 pm

Day 14: Marching

Day 15

The Ruins of the Nezumi Capital
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The scenery is surely what the end of the world must look like. Formerly beautiful spires lie shattered and moldering as the horrors that pass for nature here slowly take over the ground. Underground streets are nothing but shattered sinkholes. Monsters wander everywhere. It is all too easy to imagine what would happen to the Tribes if this sickness made its way north.

Traveling through this area without jade requires a TN 10 Earth roll in the EM. Characters who fail this roll acquire 1 point of Shadowlands Taint.

Shugenja casting spells using blood magic in this area risk drawing the attention of kansen instead of kami, corrupted elemental spirits who will gleefully answer their sacrifices instead. Shugenja must make a TN 10 Earth roll when they cast or acquire 1 point of Shadowlands Taint. Jade grants a +10 bonus to this roll.

Shugenja also have the option of deliberately calling on these spirits, gaining a +5 bonus to their roll, but gaining 2 points of Shadowlands Taint with no roll to resist and subtracting 2 Purity Points from the total.

The thick black clouds that have hovered on the far end of the horizon now threaten overheard, throwing green lightning occasionally. Most of it flashes across the sky, but a few strike the ground. Despite their distance, the hairs on your arms and the back of your neck feel like they buzz and singe with it. Pressure and humidity are high, and everything feels oppressive, like it's about to break.

EM: Closing the Wound
LM: Choosing the Rescue Team
EA: Embrace the Flame
LE: Name Magic, but Not As We Know It
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