Day 11

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Day 11

Post by Canary » Wed Jun 03, 2020 1:06 pm

Day 10: Marching

Day 11

Days: 22:30 6/2 - 23:59 6/5

The Forest Ruins
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The group chooses to camp in the ruins of a civilization that existed in the area before, and clearly predates even the Nezumi. Circles seem to be a strong theme, as the largest building is a massive circular structure at the center of concentric rings. Various semi-circular gates, those that haven't collapsed, can be found in the area, as well.

The weather has turned a little worse after the reprieve at the rapids. Clouds are gathering again, and the dark ones farther south are much more visible now. A light sprinkle of rain falls in the evening, doing a little to relieve the heat, at least.

Tonight is the second night of the full moon.

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