[Day 13, EE] Troubled Spirit

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[Day 13, EE] Troubled Spirit

Post by Hanzou » Sun Jun 07, 2020 3:20 am

Hanzou the remains of a fallen tree and covered it with what was left of his cloak. Sitting there, he surveyed the jungle around him. The further they traveled the more disturbing the corruption of Jigoku seemed. Now, even the elements felt wrong. It was all very unsettling.

He spent some time trying to calm his spirit and find some peace. But, he could not find it.

Accepting his failure, he began his next task, preparing for the night to come and hoping for a restful sleep. There were herbs that he would need and he would need the assistance of the kami to gather as many as he could.

Slicing his arm, he heard the odd whispers of the elements. There was something sinister in them, but he resisted those voices until the proper spirits responded.

Then, he began searching for the plants.

- - -
[Day 13, EE] Troubled Spirit, Recovering Void, Meditation/Void TN 20: 5d10o10k2 13

[Day 13, EE] Troubled Spirit, Casting Water Kami's Blessing TN 20, Affinity: 6d10o10k3 27 3 Wounds taken

[Day 13, EE] Troubled Spirit, Resisting Taint, Earth TN 10, Jade: 3d10o10+10 23

[Day 13, EE] Troubled Spirit, Smoke This, Trust Me, Hunting/Perception, 2 CR, TN 25, Water Kami's Blessing: 9d10o10k3 26
Stranger ~ Shugenja ~ Water ~ Archer ~ Hunter ~ Healer ~ Spirit Talker ~ Small ~ Wary ~ Ennui
Glory 2 ~ Reputation 4 ~ Status 1

Carries: Yumi, Arrows, Aiguchi, Lantern, Water, Medicine Kit, Jade (4/7)

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