General Character Creation

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General Character Creation

Post by Canary » Fri May 08, 2020 5:45 am

Characters will begin the game with 110 xp.

Returning characters with take 110 and subtract 90 plus any gains during the course of Dawn of the Empire, including from events. Please include the XP any additional skills and advantages gained from events would have cost. If a character took the option of True Ronin 1 the previous game (a ronin with no school), that counts as their first insight rank. If they reach insight Rank 2, they may take a school then if they wish. Any remaining difference they may add to their characters as XP. If the difference is zero or less, they don’t add any additional XP.

Characters will be built using the rules for creating ronin on page 234 of the Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition Core Rulebook modified as follows:

They may first choose a Tribe or one of the available Families listed in the Almanac section of the forum. If they have an idea for a tribe not listed, the player may create one that follows the same format with input and approval from one of the GM team. This costs 10 xp from the addition xp granted to ronin per the book.

Players may take no Tribe or Family and keep the 10 xp. Existing without the protection of a tribe or Clan this early in Rokugan is very dangerous, however, and wanderers are rare.

Only True Ronin #1 or True Ronin #2 options may be taken.

Players do not have to take Social Disadvantage.

Those who take Ronin Option #2 may choose only one Rank 1 path, even if they are at a higher Insight rank. More complex techniques have yet to be developed, and tribespeople must spread their time between training and other pursuits such as herding, farming, metalworking, or other ways of supporting their tribe.

Players may use any IR1 ronin school from the books, including Ronin shugenja. A daisho may be replaced with any two weapons. A wakizashi alone may be replaced with any one weapon.

If your School references a banned Skill, replace it with any other skill within that category. Thus Iaijutsu becomes any Bugei Skill, etc. If a school specifies Kenjutsu, you may swap the skill for another Weapon skill. The daisho may be swapped out for any two available weapons.

You can have a Tribe and have a technique at the same time, you just won't get any extra ronin XP.

Starting at Insight Rank 2, a character may take any school specified in the Schools topic in the Character Creation forum. While they do not have to take the Multiple Schools advantage to do this, they must have each skill for the new school at Rank 1 or more to take it.

Bows come with 20 arrows of any of the available types noted in equipment.

Rules on what Advantages, Disadvantages, and Skills are allowed are located in the Character Creation forum under their own topics.

Gaining Additional Advantages
Players may purchase additional advantages at +2 xp cost from character creation. Sufficient justification must be present for this purchase to be approved.

Removing Disadvantages
Players may buy off Disadvantages at double the xp the disadvantage would normally grant. Sufficient justification must be present for this purchase to be approved.

Additional Rules
Human and Nezumi characters are allowed.

No expy characters – you can take inspiration from a fictional character, but don’t make a carbon copy of them.

We will replace Honor with Reputation for this game, with certain NPC exceptions.

Status may not be purchased above 4. Higher Status may be gained through character actions.

We will not be using Ancestors

We will not be using Honor Rolls

We will not be using Heritage Tables

Kata will not be allowed.

Kiho will not be allowed.

Crafting, including Advanced Crafting from Secrets of the Empire, will be allowed.

Shadowlands Taint will be allowed.

Tainted Maho will not be allowed.

All magic will function based on the Pure Blood Magic rules on page 37 of Imperial Histories.

Only spells up to Rank 3 may be taken.

Application Process
Once the character is finished, send the completed sheet and background to, then register an account under your character’s name. All character sheets should follow the format below.

Once we look over your character, we will activate your account. You will receive an email that your account has been activated at your registration email, and we will send you a reply to your sheet email letting you know.

We will set up a private forum under your character’s name. Feel free to use it however you wish. It is the easiest way to get ahold of your GM team.

Your signature should include your Status, Glory, and Reputation. You should also include your character’s class (bushi/courtier/shugenja), your tribe, and any advantages or disadvantages that would be obvious to other characters. You may add flavor trait if you wish. Please also include a list of what your character is carrying around most of the time.

You may feel free to add links to full sized character portraits, theme songs, or other things like that as long as it’s kept to a relative minimum.
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Re: General Character Creation

Post by Tyrus » Sun May 10, 2020 8:11 am

Courtesy of Mindshred

All new character submissions should follow this format. Those that do not will be returned unread and unapproved.

Akodo Tempura
School/Rank: Akodo Bushi 2
Insight: 161
XP: 0

Status: 2.0
Honor: 6.5
Glory: 2.4

Earth 2
-Stamina 2
-Willpower 2

Water 3
-Strength 3
-Perception 3 (School bonus)

Fire 3
-Agility 3 (Family bonus)
-Intelligence 3

Air 3
-Reflexes 3
- Awareness 3

Void 3

Skills (* are school skills/emphasis)
*Battle (*Mass Combat) 1
*Defense: 1
*Kenjustu 3
*Kyujutsu 1
*Lore - History 2
*Sincerity 1
*Iaijutsu 3
Calligraphy 1
Etiquette 1
Games: Go 1
Hunting 2
Investigation 2
Jiujutsu 2

Luck [Spiritual] (3)
- one reroll per session

Sage [Mental] (4)
- Phantom Rank in Lore skills

Social Position [Social] (6)
- +1 rank of Status

Bad Eyesight (Missing Left Eye) [Physical] (3)
- 1k1 to Perception rolls and ranged attacks

Lechery [Mental] (2)
- +1k1 to Temptation (Seduction) rolls against you

Rank 1: The Way of The Lion
- You may either ignore an opponent's TN bonus from armor or gain a Free Raise when attacking. You gain a +1k0 bonus on your first melee attack against an opponent in a skirmish, or against any opponent who has declared a Raise on an attack against you since your last turn.

Rank 2: Strength of Purity
- During a skirmish, you may add your Honor Rank to the total of any single roll during your turn. You may not increase damage in this manner, nor may you use this technique while assuming the Center stance.

(none; you do not need to include this section if you have no kata)


(none; you do not need to include this section if you have no spells)


Light Armour
Sturdy Clothing
Traveling pack
- Blanket
- Fan
- Grapple Hook
- Rope (50')
- Sake Cup
- Shovel
- Small Tent
- Straw Cloak
- Week's Rations (1)
- Wide-brimmed Straw Hat


koku - 3
zeni - 7


Initiative roll: 5k3

Primary Weapon: Katana
Roll to attack: 6k3 (+FR or ignore armour) (+1k0 first or Raised opponent)
Damage: 7k2

Armor: Light
TN bonus: +5
Reduction: 3
TN to be hit: 25 --> 20 (Ref) + 5 (Armour)
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