[D24:EE: Open] Walking to the Azure Dragon

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[D24:EE: Open] Walking to the Azure Dragon

Post by Inga » Thu Jun 18, 2020 12:47 am

Inga decided to leave early in the evening. As she continues to look for her next adventure. She wanted to see the ocean so heading east would probably be best.

The young woman looked at the city behind her with little attachment. Baba Nana had always told her not to get attached to people they are always changing. She knows she is never alone until she dies. She smiled. She knows that the people that she touched now might be in a better place.

She turned back to the east, and started her long journey. "They have forged stronger bonds... I am happy... Not really... the ocean... must be pretty... should I really go there?" The girl chuckled. As she walked toward the rising moon.

"The death I seek will find me, right?" One step forward as she felt the evening breeze. The sadness in her heart will never show, her failure will be always stay.
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